ANOTHER VIEW: CEQA empowers the people to hold developers accountable

By GORDON NIPP : – excerpt

The Californian recently editorialized in favor of changes in the California Environmental Quality Act (“CEQA due for another rewrite,” Jan. 27). CEQA is a major pillar of democracy in California; the consequences of changes need careful consideration.
CEQA informs and empowers ordinary citizens. By requiring public disclosure of the impacts of new large development projects, CEQA establishes a mechanism that allows us to satisfy our rights and our duties as citizens to be informed, and it requires feasible mitigation for significant impacts. CEQA also establishes a mechanism, potential litigation, for redress if these rights are violated…
By informing and empowering the public, CEQA stands as a major component of our democratic system. Our own community is much improved as a result of this law. Weakening CEQA is weakening our democracy… (more)

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