CSDA, Coalition Release Letter on CEQA


CSDA (California Special Districts Association) and coalition partners delivered a letter to legislative leaders today offering initial comments and solutions to challenges public agencies face in implementing the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Governor Brown listed CEQA reform amongst his top priorities in last week’s State of the State address and interest in the topic continues building in the State Capitol. CSDA and its coalition partners believe that public agencies offer an essential perspective on CEQA. The coalition has been meeting throughout the fall and will continue collaborating as the legislative process moves forward.

Read the coalition letter and more at CSDA’s Grassroots Action Center.

Take Action
CSDA has been asked to collect case-studies demonstrating both the positive and negative aspects of CEQA as applied to special district public works projects and other areas impacting the special district community.  Your case-studies will help CSDA better advocate for the amendments to/maintenance of CEQA provisions as appropriate. Please download this form and email your example(s) to jamesm@csda.net as soon as possible.

Webinar Opportunity
Additionally, on March 20, 2013, CSDA will host a CEQA webinar, detailing the past, present and future of California’s most impactful environmental law. The webinar will be divided into three main topic areas:



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