A Little Teamwork and Common Ground on CEQA

A Little Teamwork and Common Ground on CEQA

Last Tuesday, a coalition made up Environmental Organizations, Labor and Tribes known as Common Ground California held a press conference and Capitol lobby day committing to protect the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
You know what it’s like to be on a great team: counting on each other, inspiring each other, strengthening each other – there’s nothing else like it. Being there in Sacramento on Tuesday, I could feel that team spirit and determination from members of Common Ground California. (coalition website; facebook).

“First, do no harm.”
That’s how environmental defender Senator Noreen Evans began her remarks, sending a clear and simple message to kick off the event. Sen. Evans has been a strong supporter of air and water quality, and she was the event’s host. She continued, “The California Environmental Quality Act was designed to protect California communities, and it has for over forty years. I stand committed to protect California from corporate polluters and any degradation of our environmental laws.”
Then came the big news: a new study was revealed showing that CEQA has not hampered economic progress, despite assertions by some industry groups.
The Labor Management Cooperation Trust released a landmark report which found that since CEQA became law in 1970, California’s per capita GDP, housing relative to population, manufacturing output, and construction activity grew as fast or faster compared to other 49 states.  Read the full report here. »

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