Evidence Grows that CEQA is Good for Working Californians

Evidence Grows that CEQA is Good for Working Californians

sbctc.org – excerpt

April 2013Last month this column was dedicated to the history of deregulation and how workers inevitably pick up the tab when business blindly demands deregulation of longstanding protections that were enacted into law and regulation.
First, what should be asked is, why were these standards put in place? Why were these protections needed? Last month we spoke of the New Deal and the collusion between Wall Street, insurance companies, and banks that led to the Great Depression. In reaction, safeguards and regulations were put in place to protect the public and divide these financial institutions. These safeguards were removed early in the Bush Administration. And before Bush left office, the collusion of Wall Street banks and insurance companies once again almost led to the financial collapse of this nation. Working people, as in the Depression, paid the price…
A news report from KCET in Los Angeles (which can be found here: http://www.kcet.org/news/rewire/government/report-ceqa-helping-not-hindering-renewable-development.html) reported, “A new report released this month says that far from hindering the development of a new, greener infrastructure for the state, CEQA may have actually promoted such development compared to states with far less stringent environmental laws.”
CEQA has protected our health without harming our economy. We cannot afford more blind deregulation… (more)

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