Libertarian Foundation Uses CEQA to Litigate ‘Plan Bay Area’

by Irvin Dawid : planetizen – excerpt

The group, Bay Area Citizens, worried about loss of property values and quality of life, will be represented by the libertarian Pacific Legal Foundation, which will use CEQA as the basis of the lawsuit against regional agencies MTC and ABAG.

In what might be perceived as an ironic application of the landmark 1970 California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), written in part to reign-in the Golden State’s sprawling growth in that era, a libertarian foundation is using the law as the basis for a lawsuit challenging the July 18 approval of the regional growth plan known as Plan Bay Area by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) and the Association of Bay Area Governments (PDF).

The plan steers growth toward “Priority Development Areas“, determined by local jurisdictions, that are accessible to transit and services as opposed to promoting more exurban development, and away from “Priority Conservation Areas“.

Bay Area Citizens sees the plan as promoting dense growth that “restricts people’s ability to make their own choices”, according to its co-founder, Peter Singleton… (more)

One thought on “Libertarian Foundation Uses CEQA to Litigate ‘Plan Bay Area’

  1. The science that the Plan Bay Area is based on is old data based assumptions made in the 1970’s. Current data shows that the CO2 emissions are much lower than anticipated at that time, largely due to the cleaner cars and fuel, and the fact the use of natural gas in place of coal.

    So far the plan to build affordable housing has not panned out, according to recent hikes of rent in the Bay Area. A recent hearing at the Planning Department uncovered the fact that there is no way to track the actual cost of housing once it is built and on the market other than to read ads in the paper.

    Most of the housing being built in San Francisco is not within the reach of Bay Area citizens. According to some studies, many of the new condos are owned by absentee millionaires who spend a minimum of time in the city, hold them for investments, leading many to fear a housing bubble is eminent.


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