Judge Dumps Lawsuit Opposing Artificial Turf In Golden Gate Park

Judge Dumps Lawsuit Opposing Artificial Turf In Golden Gate Park

by Sasha Lekach: – excerpt

A San Francisco Superior Court judge Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by a parent and environmental group that opposed plans to convert the city’s Beach Chalet athletic fields from grass to artificial turf.

Judge Teri Jackson ruled Tuesday that the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department renovation plans to change the fields into turf at the park at the western edge of Golden Gate Park followed environmental guidelines. Because of the ruling, the project can now proceed.

The City Fields Foundation, a nonprofit working with San Francisco officials to renovate fields around the city, joined the parks department as co-defendants in the case that was filed in October 2012.

The opposition groups, which included the San Francisco Coalition for Children’s Outdoor Play and the local Sierra Club chapter, argued that reports examining the renovation’s environmental impact weren’t conducted properly and violated the California Environmental Quality Act.

Opponents, comprised of mainly parents living near the western side of Golden Gate Park, also said the turf could be toxic to children.

Opposition attorney Richard Drury said today his clients are disappointed but not surprised by the ruling.

“We were hoping for a different outcome,” he said.

He said the group would likely start an appeals process… (more)



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