SF Supe Wants To Encourage Construction By Dumping Density Limits

by scott wiener : baycitynews – excerpt

A San Francisco supervisor today introduced legislation that seeks to encourage the construction of more affordable housing in the city by removing density limits for certain projects.
Under the legislation proposed today by Supervisor Scott Wiener, new developments with 20 percent or more affordable units will not have those units count against the project’s density limits.
Under current city laws, developers must provide at least 12 percent affordable housing for any new project of 10 or more units or must pay a fee to the city for the construction of affordable housing elsewhere.
Wiener said his legislation would provide another alternative that will encourage the creation of more affordable units without reducing the number of market-rate units being built… (more)

The proposal would also eliminate all density limits for projects with 100 percent affordable housing, according to Wiener.

Current San Francisco law counts all units—affordable or market-rate—against density limit totals.

“We are in the midst of a severe housing crisis, a crisis that threatens our city’s diversity and livability, and we need much more permanently affordable housing,” Wiener said.

“There is never one magic bullet” to solve the city’s shortage of affordable housing, but “this legislation will move us in that direction,” he said.

SF Supe Proposes Increased Scrutiny, Crackdown On Tenancies-In-Common
San Francisco tenancies-in-common could soon face closer scrutiny under legislation that was proposed by a city supervisor on Tuesday.
Supervisor Eric Mar proposed an ordinance that he said would “bring balance to what right now is an unregulated market.” Tenancies-in-common are arrangements in which multiple parties own shares of the same property…
Mar said the city currently doesn’t keep track of how many rental units are lost each year when apartments are taken off the market to be converted to TICs.
His legislation would require that the city’s Planning Department sign off on the conversion of an apartment building into a TIC and require that the property be subject to the same housing and building codes as new construction… (more)


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