Aaron Starr’s Plaza Program Overview and Presentation Material

The Plaza Program does not establish any plazas, but would establish a program framework

Mar. 13, 2014 Planning Commission meeting: MARCH 13, 2014
…Proposed amendments to Section 234 of the Planning Code that could support the more broad Plaza Program as well as address several common – sense clean – up and efficiency amendments to that section that are not directly related to the establishment of this new program. We look forward to describing the goals and processes of the Plaza Program for you so that you can have more context for the small section of the proposed Planning Code amendments (234.1(e) that is designed to support this new initiative. The proposed Plaza Program does not establish any plazas, but would establish a program framework… (more)
Four pieces of legislation were introduced at BOS – January 28, 2014 (140061, 140062, 140063, 140064) Hearing at Planning Commission – February 27, 2014 2014.00180T. Legislation was drafted by OEWD (Robin Havens – 554-5395), and is co-sponsored by the Mayor and Supervisor Cohen. There is virtually no public notice or awareness and the scope is unknown, but appears to be wide-ranging.
One project mentioned is a plaza converting 19th Street up against I-280 freeway. This legislation is racing through. No one seems to be informed or aware of this. Read attached staff report… (more)

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