Streamlined CEQA Review for Infill Projects (SB 226)

On October 4, 2011, Governor Brown signed SB 226 (Simitian). That bill makes several changes to the California Environmental Quality Act (Public Resources Code Sections 21000 and following), also known as CEQA. Those changes include, among others:

  • Rooftop photovoltaic solar projects, and their associated equipment, are statutorily exempt from environmental review (New Public Resources Code Section 21080.35)
  • The Energy Commission will retain jurisdiction over certain solar projects that convert to photovoltaic solar projects (New Public Resources Code Section 25500.1)
  • A project’s greenhouse gas emissions will not preclude use of an otherwise applicable categorical exemption (Amended Public Resources Code Section 21084)
  • Environmental review for certain infill projects will be eligible for streamlined environmental review once OPR develops, and the Natural Resources Agency, adopts performance standards for such projects in the CEQA Guidelines (New Public Resources Code Section 21094.5)… (more)

Are these solar rooftop projects protected by law from shadows of neighboring buildings once they are built, and if so why not?

2014 CEQA Statutes and Guidelines

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