Housing advocates put their greed on display with arena suit

Housing advocates put their greed on display with arena suit

By MARCOS BRETON : sacbee – excerpt

We have reached the extortion phase of our program.

Principled, albeit misguided, opposition to the downtown arena has been replaced by people with outstretched hands in search of cash – lots of it.

They want millions of dollars and are going about it in a time-tested way in our state – by using the California Environmental Quality Act as cover for a shakedown.

Affordable housing advocates filed a CEQA suit against the downtown arena on Thursday. They want $40 million for affordable housing from the Kings.

How, you might ask, can they be suing on environmental grounds if what they want is money?

They aren’t even trying to hide the mockery they are making out of CEQA to pursue what they want.

They call themselves the Sacramento Coalition for Shared Prosperity, an apt title considering how they want the Kings to share some “prosperity” with them.

It would actually be funny if Sacramento weren’t being barraged by CEQA lawsuits that purport to be about the environment but are actually about harming projects… (more)

San Diego Explained: CEQA’s Effect on Development

CEQA’s Effect on Development


The Convention Center won’t break ground on the long-awaited expansion anytime soon.

That’s because, according to attorney Cory Briggs, the plans break a big California environmental law.

The California Environmental Quality Act, or CEQA, requires state and local governments to assess the environmental impact of big development projects like the Convention Center Expansion. These assessments can take months, bringing development to a screeching halt.

Projects can become more eco-friendly because of CEQA intervention. But some say the lawsuits are simply too easy to file.

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In this week’s San Diego Explained, NBC 7′s Catherine Garcia and Voice of San Diego‘s Liam Dillon delve deeper into the powerful environmental law, covering how CEQA affects the environment, business development and who it really benefits… (more)

Socal CEQA appeals cases seem to fair better in Socal.

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