Summit calls for review of CEQA Guidelines

by Justin Ewers : caeconomy – excerpt

Leaders of five Summit action teams sent a letter to the governor yesterday urging the Administration to complete a peer review of a scheduled update to CEQA’s administrative regulations—known as the CEQA Guidelines—before they are made public later this year. The letter also urged the Administration to include in the process state agencies that are obligated to comply with the California Environmental Quality Act for critical infrastructure, renewable energy, economic development, and regulatory activities.

“We believe that experienced CEQA practitioners…can efficiently advise the Administration, and OPR, on the extent to which the proposed updates to the Guidelines would achieve the Administration’s policy objectives to improve CEQA,” the Summit letter said. “We believe these practitioners can [also] identify the types of ambiguous or impractical Guideline provisions that are likely to result in more lawsuits and litigation uncertainty.”…

Involving public agencies in CEQA guidelines

In the letter delivered to the governor yesterday, Summit leaders expressed their appreciation for these significant efforts, which are reportedly nearing completion. Given the important role the Guidelines will play in interpretations of CEQA for years to come, the leaders of five Summit action teams—Regulations, Infrastructure, Housing, Manufacturing, and Capital—also requested that the Administration complete a peer review of the OPR proposal prior to public release… (more)

See how some want to change CEQA State Guidelines next in the name of Economic prosperity. It’s the goldrush of 2014 with organizations such as “Center for a New California” leading the way.


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