Mayor’s housing plan: Developers get nice juicy benefit; city gets little or nothing

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt – (maps)

How the Affordable Housing Density Bonus gives away choice parcels to developers — who won’t actually provide that much affordable housing

Affordable housing and tenant groups that are opposed to the mayor’s plans to upzone much of the city to allow more residential development will be out in force Thursday/28 as the Planning Commission holds its first hearing on the program…

The Affordable Housing Density Bonus program could lead to massive as developers evict tenants and tear down existing modest buildings to construct much bigger ones.

The idea, according to the Planning Department, is to allow more density than the current zoning permits on more than 30,000 lots all over town – in exchange for builders adding a few more units of “affordable” housing.

And I put the “affordable” in quotes because most of the new units will not be offered at rates that many San Franciscans can afford, and in some cases the law would allow developers to claim these density bonuses for apartments that aren’t significantly below – and sometimes may be above – market rates… (more)

Meanwhile they are busy in Sacramento making sure our rights as citizens are more limited than ever. AB 1500 just passed to the Senate. AB 1500 would remove even more rights of citizens to appeal or oppose objectionable projects. Details on AB 1500

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