In 100 Years, $77 Billion Worth Of San Francisco Property Could Be Underwater

By Adele Peters : fastcoexist – excerpt – (with charts and maps)

Rethinking a city for new coastlines that don’t exist yet

By the end of the century, some of San Francisco’s million-dollar apartments and multimillion dollar houses will be underwater. A recent report calculated that property worth a total of $77 billion is at risk from rising seas in the city.

“We developed a digital map showing how much property would be in the bay, as opposed to what’s on land today,” says Paul VanderMarck, chief strategy officer at Risk Management Solutions (RMS), the company that mapped out the risk for the city…

Metropolitan Water District


new waterline

Armed with the new maps, San Francisco is currently creating a strategy to try to save as much property as possible. “It’s almost inevitable that, in the end, the plan will be a combination of multiple approaches,” says VanderMarck. “One approach in some areas will be to surrender to the fact that seas are rising—it’s impractical, either economically or for other reasons, to try to defend against that in certain areas.” In other places, the city may build higher walls or other defenses…(more)


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