Gov. Brown’s housing plan riling up politics in SF and beyond

By : sfexaminer – excerpt – (By-Right Details)

Time is running out for Gov. Jerry Brown to approve his housing plan to streamline development throughout California, but San Francisco’s own politics on display Monday indicates just how difficult that may be.

In a special Board of Supervisors meeting Monday, Supervisor Aaron Peskin used an unusual maneuver to try and put the board on record in opposing the governor’s so-called “by right” trailer bill.

The proposal is meant to address the housing crisis throughout the state by reducing approval hurdles for development with at least 10 percent affordable housing, but it has drawn the ire of a coalition of labor, environmental and tenant rights groups. The coalition is expected to lobby Sacramento representatives today and issued a statement Monday arguing the governor’s proposal should be scrapped altogether.

Peskin’s motion came in response to Mayor Ed Lee vetoing on July 21 a resolution taking a similar policy stance. It takes eight votes to override the veto, but only six board members supported that resolution.

At Monday’s meeting, the board voted 5-2 to support Peskin’s motion, a vote short of approval and so it was defeated. The motion carries no weight of law but could have been used by The City’s state representatives in arguments for amendments. Supervisors Peskin, Norman Yee, Eric Mar, Jane Kim and London Breed supported it. Supervisors Scott Wiener and Katy Tang opposed it. Wiener called the motion “sour grapes” and said The City should work collaboratively with the governor and “not just simply oppose” his housing plan… (more)

Citizens all over the state want to opt out of the governor’s density plan. There are so many cities that want to opt out, the governor may without the plan. Until the elections, politicians are going to be careful.

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