The Native Species Arguments

It is our belief that those supporting Native Species over existing plants have bought into the FAKE NEWS being fed by Monsanto and other industries who benefit from widespread slaughter of plants.

Here are a couple of documents that support on my side of the argument. You can find plenty to support the other side elsewhere:

WEED WHACKERS: Monsanto, glyphosate, and the war on invasive species By Andrew Cockburn : harpers – excerpt (harpersmagazine-2015-weedwhackers)

Arguments against certification of snramp-eir By Tom Borden : of the SF Forest Alliance Leadership Group  (70 page document)

We are bringing this up because of the planned slaughter Van Ness Trees.

Van Ness Trees on Death Row  by Chris Parkes
Not all the threatened trees in San Francisco are in our parks. San Franciscans have been dismayed to find that many of the SFMTA road improvements seem to have been designed with no thought for the mature trees that are so important in reducing pollution, sequestering carbon, and providing habitat. We’ve written about these before HERE. Now the Van Ness Project is imminent, and the neighbors are fighting to save these trees. Here’s an article by Chris Parkes:

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