SF Planning Rules Swirl with Sewage to Clog Affordable Housing Pipeline

By Lena Wenus : missionlocal – excerpt

All it takes to delay an affordable housing project in San Francisco is $578 and filling out a simple form.

Take the case of the affordable housing project at 2060-2070 Folsom Street, where one neighbor’s list of complaints – including one about sewage and flooding – could stall the project for as long as six months.

Margaret Eve-Lynne Miyasaki, a neighbor of the project, recently paid $578 to file a request for a discretionary review of the 127-unit, nine-story project. The Plannign Commission approved the project in July 2016 – some thought, finally – after a multi-year process that included multiple changes including making it taller.

No matter. Miyasaki’s form, filed on Feb. 8, triggers a new hearing of the seven-member commission… (more)

I’m not questioning the building so much as I question the design of the park that is covered by concrete. If an impervious groundcover can absorb runoff, why are they pouring concrete on every inch of the “park”? Why don’t they plant grass or ground cover or make it into an edible garden for the neighborhood to share?  How can they complain about a parking lot or sidewalks and streets when they are covering a park with concrete?

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