The one thing we can count on is a daily Muni meltdown.

Let’s face it, the grand experiment failed and it is time to stop the bleeding.
We used to have some Muni meltdowns every now and then. Now we have them daily. We also have the daily updates on where and when the Muni will stop and the route of the day musical chairs. No one is happy with the system. We need a new method of managing transportation based on the real world and the needs of today’s residents.

The SFMTA spends way too much time envisioning and trying to sell the perfect design for the future (They are planning for 2045). while ignoring the needs of the public today. Any agency that ignores its customer base, blames everyone for their failures, and can’t get by on 1 billion dollars a year, deserves a quick timely demise before they do any more damage or sign any more bad contracts.

Hopefully, the Board of Supervisors will not dole out any more money to start any new projects until they finish the ones they are already in the middle of. If you agree let your supervisors know this is your first priority.

If you missed the hearings on impacts of SFMTA poliicies and procedures and handling of contracts and fund, you should watch tapes of some of the hearings that have been conducted recently at City Hall in various committees meetings.

The SF Board of Supervisors has been the brunt of thousands of complaints, petitions and angry public comments. Bad decisions on the part of the SFMTA management are costing the city possibly hundreds of millions of dollars. It is past time to cut our loses and change the program.

The reason the Supervisors cut themselves out of the management and legislative process is that they didn’t want to have to deal with the complaints, same as they did for the street trees. Hopefully the street tree management program will go better the SFMTA experiment did. The Supervisors are getting more complaints than ever and feel like they have no control over the issue they are blamed for. At least that is one of the comments we have heard so far to explain the latest proposal to split the SFMTA between Muni and the other departments. In this version, the Board of Supervisors would have control and final say on the local street and traffic issues.

Stay tuned for details as they come in.

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