Planning Commissioner Kathrin Moore was Honored at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors Meeting.


Planning Commissioner Moore slipped away with her husband, Bill, after swarms of photographers and well-wishers piled on the love and affection at the City Hall ceremony honoring one of our own for her years of exceptional service. Photo by zrants.

“This notable occasion, the celebration of Commissioner Moore’s election to the position as Fellow of the prestigious American Institute of Certified Planners, gives us the opportunity to thank her for her past service and appeal to both her and the Board of Supervisors to continue her invaluable service on the Planning Commission.  This recognition by her peers reinforces what we have seen consistently now for nearly twelve years.” – Jim Warshell, Co-Chair, Van Ness Corridor Neighborhoods Council 

Thank you Commissioner Moore and congratulations on this honor.

Commissioner Moore’s continued service is supported by Noe neighborhood council  and many other neighborhood groups who she has worked with to bring about better projects that satisfy developers and neighbors. Please encourage Kathrin’s continued service: Petition Please Reappoint Planning Commissioner Kathrin Moore


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