Berkeley Neighbors sue UC Berkeley for adding students without required housing

press release : berkeleydailyplanet – excerpt (video included)

Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods filed suit today against UC Berkeley (Cal) for increasing its student numbers by five-fold more than allowed in Cal’s 2020 Long Range Development Plan (2020 LRDP). The citizen organization charges the excess increase of more than 6,500 undergraduates has led to student homelessness and skyrocketing rents for student housing.

The organization said the suit filed in Alameda County stems from Cal’s refusal to sit down with local residents to discuss the dramatic impacts of the enormous increase in students and develop plans to maintain the quality of life in the neighborhoods surrounding the campus…

date, major impacts of the extra students include displacement of many low-income renters, increased homelessness, additional burden on police, fire and emergency services, and growth in trash and noise throughout neighborhoods surrounding campus. The student crisis is documented in a YouTube video

(see the links attached to a number of student films made by students that left UC Berkeley. Looks like the school has out grown its charm for many.)

Save Berkeley’s Neighborhoods is a non-profit organized to provide education and advocacy to improve the quality of life, protect the environment and implement best planning practices for Berkeley citizens… (more)

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