Luxury yachts — or 5,000 school kids learning to sail?

By Hunter Cutting : 48hills – excerpt


Sailing round Treasure Island past Clipper Cove photo by zrants

The Treasure Island Development Authority wants to turn Clipper Cove — now used for youth sailing programs — over to 313 millionaires and their fancy boats

Have you ever wondered what happened to the San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival?

The short story is that city staff evicted the Festival from Treasure Island in order to help clear the way for real estate developers who wanted to build a luxury marina across Clipper Cove where the Festival ran the dragon boat races. The San Francisco Dragon Boat Festival moved to Oakland and the crowds of 60,000 spectators disappeared from Treasure Island…

So, what happened between 2011 and 2015? What happened was the re-emergence of a dormant 2003 proposal by real estate developers to build a private luxury marina, right across the heart of Clipper Cove, dedicated exclusively to million-dollar yachts, 313 of them to be exact…

The unique geography of the Cove, cited by former Island Director Saez, is what makes the Cove so special. The Cove is protected on three sides, with a low-slung land bridge on the western end that blocks the Bay’s infamous chop and moderates the afternoon winds that whip across the Bay. As a result, Clipper Cove offers a rare combination of moderate wind and flat water protected from the Bay’s notorious tidal currents…

On Monday, April 30, the Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee held a hearing on a resolution introduced by Supervisor Jane Kim to protect Clipper Cove, and passed the resolution on to the full board without objection. Now the supervisors will get to answer a question that might help define this city: who is more important, 313 millionaires or 5,000 Fourth graders?… (more)

Resolution 180331 [Affirming the Board of Supervisors Commitment to the Environmental Protection, Public Recreation, and Youth Education in Clipper Cove] may open up a discussion about how much development in, on and around Clipper Cove and the San Francisco Bay should be approved and who should decide what criteria is used to determine the future of the Bay.  We look forward to discussing how the Bay will, and will not change, as we attempt to sustain life on, in and around the Bay.



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