Vote No On Regional Measure 3



There is a reason why many city councils and governments oppose Regional Measure 3. Some of them are based on the theory that regional unelected officials, should not be taking such a large role in our local government affairs. Others are based on the agenda behind RM3, to use our money to control us, by promising traffic control, when the real agenda is to use our money against us. Follow the money and see where it goes. Transfer of power and money is always a dangerous combination and this bill has both.

Not only will the state bridge tolls in the 9-county area be raised to $9.00, if RM3 passes:

$9.00 is the base rate, the least you will pay to cross a bridge if RM3 passes. Voters will give up their right to determine future bridge toll increases. The regional entities that are selling $9.00 bridge tolls are also asking voters to give up our right to vote on future increases;

Voters are being asked to allow automatic inflationary increases. Those tolls, when combined with diesel taxes, will insure higher costs on everything including food;

As more bonds as sold, the funds will be used to pay down bond debts, also tied to inflation;

Additional taxes, fines and fees will be required to build all the projects promised in this bill;

Bridge toll funds will be used to turn traffic lanes into toll roads and congestion pricing in areas that have no bridges, capturing revenue from people who don’t commute;

But, worst of all, many voters who are tricked into supporting this bill, will be displaced by the higher costs of living so they will not experience the total disaster that awaits a society that relinquishes power to regional, unelected officials who serve their corporate masters who created them;

If you want to know who that is, just look at the supporters and sponsors of RM3.

Election 2018: Bay Area Voters to Consider $3 Bridge Toll Hike : TRANSDEF’s blog What’s Hot, is where we post recent developments
in High-Speed Rail and Bay Area Transportation. Check it out! : On the June ballot, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, MTC, is asking voters to approve Regional Measure 3, a $3 bridge toll increase, phased in over 6 years.


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