Drivers outraged over not enough parking at new Antioch BART Station

By J.R. Stone : KRON4 – excerpt (includes video)

They are complaining about the parking situation.

Some say they have nowhere to park and not enough spaces were built.

There are hundreds of parking spaces available, but the issue at the new Antioch BART extension is at 6 a.m. People KRON4 spoke with said it is a mess at that time.

There were no spots and people are cramming side-by-side across the street to park illegally.

A KRON4 viewer actually reached out with this problem. In a Facebook Live video, she showed all of the cars parked illegally because there was nowhere to go…

Riders saw KRON4 recording and came to give their thoughts…(more)

 As far as we know parking is not on the list of improvements to be paid for under RM3. MTC hands out punishment only to anyone who supports them. Vote NO on RM3.

And, if SB 2923 passes and BART builds housing on the parking lots, there will be less parking not more.

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