This is the truth about Brisbane

By Brisbane Citizens for Responsible Development : brisbane411 – excerpt

Video clip of Heminger saying “We (sort of ) told the truth to Brisbane” – from savemarinwood

A developer is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a campaign to triple Brisbane’s housing on the Baylands. They’ve convinced state legislators to threaten Brisbane with legislation that hijacks the City’s review process while forcing us to change our General Plan and approve all of these homes with limited oversight.

The truth about this land has been lost in the noise of the housing debate.  Brisbane is not against housing or growth.  In fact, Brisbane just approved a 12%+ increase in new housing development. Here’s the truth: while the Baylands should  be developed, the risks to health and human safety are too high to make it a place that families call home. Here’s what the developer neglected to mention:

The complex area known as the Baylands was originally the San Francisco Bay. The railroad (now Caltrain) was built in 1905 through the bay.

A large portion of land west of the tracks was partially filled in when San Francisco dumped the rubble from the 1906 earthquake.  All of the fill east of the tracks to 101 freeway was an unregulated dump where San Francisco’s garbage filled in the bay from the 1920s until 1967. See it here.

A major part of the Baylands was home to the Southern Pacific heavy rail maintenance yard, where the EPA found such high levels of hazardous chemicals and heavy metals that they insisted the site be fenced in to keep people out…

Here you will find the facts about the ongoing story in Brisbane.  Read our March 2018 PRESS RELEASE here... (more)

The Millennium Tower lawsuits will lead the way as the number of mistakes due to bad engineering and fake tests skyrockets around the bay. We have maps of landfill. Building on these filled, toxic soils is the epitome of dumb when we know they are building on toxic unstable land and some of us will be around to stand as witnesses when the time comes. So maybe writing all those letters pointing out the obvious to the decision makers is not such a waste after all.

The only safe choice is to move development away from the waterfront to higher, non-toxic ground. There is still un-built land inland between the Bay and the Ocean if they have to be on the peninsula. There is also a lot of land further East if those communities want to grow. I don’t want to send our problems to another Bay community that wants to live in peace.

The Canary in the Coal Mine

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