Advocates seek to bar Hunters Point Shipyard contractor from radiological work

By Laura Waxmann : sfexaminer – excerpt

Environmental advocates have renewed legal efforts to revoke U.S. Navy contractor Tetra Tech’s license to handle radiological materials based on the civil engineering firm’s connection to a toxic cleanup fraud at the Hunters Point Shipyard.

Last June, Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice moved to bar Tetra Tech from conducting radiological remediation work nationally by filing a petition with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, a federal agency charged with licensure.

More than a year after the national petition was filed, the NRC confirmed earlier this month that it will hear Greenaction’s claim. Steven Castleman, an attorney for the Environmental Law and Justice Clinic of the Golden Gate University School of Law, which filed the petition on behalf of Greenaction, said that a date has not been set for the hearing, but that he expects it to take place sometime in September… (more)

About time someone takes action on this. You would think the evidence would have already promoted investigations by government agencies. But, he evidence points directly at the government where coverups are concerned. For more details read the article that ran in the SF Chronicle below: Working in a Wasteland.


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