Eyeopener moments from a recent CASA meeting of the MTC

From author at Marinij – (includes video links)

The CASA technical committee is stacked with housing insiders trying to shape housing policies.  Almost every new policy, takes away local government control, property rights, environmental protections and establishes new taxation.  Homeowners are not considered  “stakeholders” even though they will be funding it all.

It is an outrageous attempt to overturn our democratic traditions and what it means to hold property.  These insiders seem completely oblivious to the likely reactions to their radical schemes and obviously self aggrandizing policy prescriptions. Some believe it will spark massive flight from California and social conflict.

CASA establishes  Legislative Goals  (gut CEQA, local control and give special favors to developers): https://youtu.be/uWJg6WSVUaM

CASA proposes new Taxes: https://youtu.be/mA8qkVnWLC8

Technical Committee wants housing on Public Lands (schools, dmvs, etc.): https://youtu.be/ieZmup6U4l4

Former ABAG Chief Economist pleads “Don’t ignore middle class housing”: https://youtu.be/ly2WT3AV8Ek

All of these are shorter clips taken from the July 18, 2018 CASA meeting available on the MTC website.

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