Our View: ‘Local control’ of housing is the problem, not the solution

By Patricia Chiang : bizjournals – excerpt

One of the basic laws of the physical universe that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. It generally applies to the political universe, too.

Housing advocates like YIMBYs have raised their profile and stepped up their game in the last couple years, backing candidates and supporting legislation that aim to reverse California’s decades of failure in producing housing sufficient to accommodate its growth.

Their few nascent successes have generated an equal and opposite reaction from housing opponents. So California’s NIMBYs are getting organized as well. They are joining together to push back against proposals that would require smaller communities to do more to enable housing or to be held accountable if they fail to do so. Under the banner of groups like Livable California, they are forming coalitions with like-minded groups and officials and have paid visits to Sacramento to lobby state legislators…

“Local control” is not a blueprint for effective action. It is a virtual guarantee of inaction. But then, maybe that’s the point… (more)

There is a natural limit to growth imposed by nature. There is a limited amount of water and natural resources that effect quality of life and many citizens feel these limits need to be respected by limiting growth to not exceed those resources. Livable California is a nonpartisan citiizen’s response to the state legislative efforts to force development over reason.

Why is all the development along the coast at or near the point of sea level rise? So the wealthy landowners can realize high profits on “high-valued” seaside property before the ocean swallows it, leaving the buyers submerged, or the big one hits . Nature always wins.

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