Candidates’ ties to Shipyard project, developer at issue in District 10 race

By Laura Waxman : sfexaminer – excerpt

The botched cleanup of the contaminated Hunters Point Shipyard is a sensitive issue in the highly competitive District 10 Board of Supervisors race this November, in which several leading candidates have ties to the project or its developers.

Those conflicts became apparent at a debate Tuesday where debate moderator J.R. Eppler, president of the Potrero Boosters, described the shipyard development and recent revelations of fraud in the cleanup efforts as “the elephant in the room.”… (more)

Some speculate that the real reason the Health Director left was related to this scandal and the notion that her partner benefited from a department contract was a red herring. Who the Bay View believes is responsible for the coverup and who may be most likely to follow through on the cleanup could well tip the D-10 Supervisor race in November. For others there is a YIMBY v NIMBY argument over density and who should pay for the growth of future populations. So far the bills are going to the taxpayers though higher utility bills, gas bills and property taxes.

Watch the debate tapes from the PHDemClub: November 2018 debates and endorsements continue to roll through at the DemClub!  We had another successful, crowded, sparky debate for District 10’s seat on the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night; if you missed it you can see the video here (part 1 and part 2).

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