Toxic Relationship: The Fraud at Hunters Point

Ida Mojadad and Laura Waxman : sfexaminer – excerpt (includes maps)

Can the same government regulators who let the fraudulent cleanup go unnoticed be trusted to finish the job?…

Earlier this year, the EPA determined that on six parcels of land, as much as 97 percent of the data produced by Tetra Tech, the Navy contractor spearheading the former shipyard’s toxic cleanup for more than a decade, was so unreliable that the Navy ordered the company to retest it. In May, two former Tetra Tech supervisors were sentenced to federal prison after admitting they swapped out contaminated soil samples for clean ones.

As far back as 2012, whistleblowers have come forward alleging that fraud was rife throughout the shipyard. Still, health officials and regulators insisted that it was safe to work and live on parts of the shipyard that have been evaluated and remediated based on their historical use… (more)

This Treadwell and Rollo map may help you keep track of the parcels.



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