Cannella asks, why do only the rich get exemptions?

: mercedsunstar – excerpt

During his eight years as a state senator, Anthony Cannella rarely speechified on the Senate floor, unlike many more verbose colleagues.

But he did so last Friday, the last day of the 2016-18 biennial session and Canella’s last time on the floor.

The Ceres Republican rose to talk about a bill that would fast-track an Inglewood arena for the Clippers basketball team through the regulatory thicket known as the California Environmental Quality Act. Cannella read a list of the projects that have received such favored treatment:…

Meanwhile, vital transportation projects don’t receive CEQA fast-tracking, nor do even more desperately needed housing projects.

Assembly Bill 3030, for instance, would have given CEQA exemptions for any residential or mixed-use project with 50 percent affordable housing, financed by a “qualified opportunity fund” and in compliance with land use plans…

Ironically, the author of AB 3030, Assemblywoman Anna Caballero of Salinas, is the Democratic candidate to succeed Cannella. If she wins, the Democrats will regain their 27-seat Senate supermajority… (more)

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