The Millennium Tower Mess is spreading.

Two stories surfaced that point to a new serious problem in SOMA. Sinking land under the weight of the towers. One Sinking and tilting tower may be blamed on bad engineering and design or a misunderstanding of the meaning of “landfill” where San Francisco Bay is concerned. As someone who was around for some of the legal disputes that arouse over Becthel’s use of the term, I can tell you I was amused by the lack knowledge that out of town contractors have of the history of San Francisco. They failed to realize the complex nature of the landfill in the bay.

New crack found on San Francisco’s sinking Millennium Tower after residents heard creaking and then a pop

By Associated Press and Bryony Jewell For Mailonline : dailymail – excerpt

  • Building dubbed Leaning Tower of San Francisco has crack in 36th-floor window
  • Part of sidewalk has been blocked off as a precaution against risk of falling glass
  • Residents have complained in past over Millennium Tower sinking and leaning
  • Inspectors have until Friday to pull together a full report on the damage…(more)

Another San Francisco building is sinking


High-rise at 25 Jessie Street in decline

Buildings sink; that’s part of their design, as the great weight of modern high-rises inevitably leads to some settling as years go by.

But when buildings sink in San Francisco, anxieties tend to rise, thanks to the inescapable example of the luxe but leaning Millennium Tower, now infamous the world over for the fracas over its foundations.

And it seems that a complimentary example comes by way of another nearby high-rise, which the San Francisco Chronicle’s urban design critic John King reports is also showing a slouch… (more)


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