MTC CASA technical committee hopes to raise billions from Bay Area taxpayers

Report on CASA meeting from a taxpayer perspective (includes three videos) full meeting  CASA Technical Committee ( 2. 5 hours)  MTC Director Steve Heminger’s opening remarks (4 min.) MTC CASA New Tax Revenue Concepts for housing (30 min.)   Bay Area Housing trust fund (5 minutes)

Here is the full meeting and excerpts from the full meeting of the MTC Casa meeting of 9/19/18 for your reference (including the last one sent earlier today)

This meeting should shock the average Bay Area resident . It is a brazen attempt to bypass the normal democratic channels of government.  They even discuss ways to avoid a public vote on the taxes.  I consider this very serious attack on the public’s right to self governance by the very individuals who stand to collectively make billions of dollars in funding for real estate development.

Did anyone ask you to vote on this?  This is the most ambitious cash and power grab I have seen in my lifetime. What is the point of democracy when this can happen?

Yes, it is time to wake up.

Please watch and draw your conclusion. Some notes below. Post comments if your like.

Notes: from the CASA Technical Committee video: For some of these fees we may need enabling legislation, and we may even need voter approval. Some may need both.

There is mention of a Regional Infrastructure Bank to finance infrastructure need to build more housing. A regioanl housing trust fund is envisioned as a place to pool the money.

Some thoughts of preservation: Some types of housing ie, Mobile homes and SROs should not be targetted for upzoning because you will never get them back and you need to protect that level of affordability. ADUs should be allowed everywhere. Housing overlay and minimum density overlay should be along Transit rich areas within a half mile radius. But, communities of concern would be able to opt out, but not 100% affordable.

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