MEDA upgrades plans to 12-story tower at 18th and Mission — the tallest building in the Mission

By Julian Mark  : missionlocal – excerpt

The Mission Economic Development Agency (MEDA) is proposing to build a 12-story tower on the corner of 18th and Mission — now the site of a dilapidated former stove store — that would contain 63 below-market-rate condos.

The proposed building would be the tallest building in the Mission, exceeding the 10-story US Bank building on the corner of 22nd and Mission, the current tallest.

The new plans are a dramatic upgrade from MEDA’s original plans for an eight-story building that would contain 48 affordable condos, studio space for Dance Mission Theater, and classrooms for Mission Neighborhood Center’s early childhood education programs. The space reserved for the dance studio and the classrooms will expand in size as well. It would include no parking spaces… (more)

This is going to give nonprofits a bad name in the Mission. How can the nonprofits argue against tall buildings when their 8 story becomes a 12 story? MEDA should stick to developing the properties in the pipeline now.


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