SF builders struggle to keep transit center from rising

: sfchronicle – excerpt

Its neighbor, the Millennium Tower, might be sinking, but — get this — the new $2.2 billion Transbay Transit Center has the potential to go in the opposite direction. One of the main challenges the builders faced was keeping the three-block-long monster from rising.

“It’s like a ship — we are tying it down,” Transbay Joint Powers Authority Executive Director Mark Zabaneh explained at a news conference Wednesday when asked if the cracked beams that forced the new terminal’s closure might be the result of the building sinking.

According to the Transbay’s website, “Unlike adjacent high-rises that generally have foundations anchored into bedrock to keep from sinking, the transit center’s foundation must keep the building from floating up.”… (more)

What will we learn next about this poor landfill mass that everyone in the world, according to some people, wants to live and work on? How is this going to work when large quake comes or tsunami come to town? Will it all float away into the Bay? or out itno the ocean? Maybe it is time to have a lesson in geology? Let’s get the Science guy to explain it to us. We could start with an elevation view of the downtown soil conditions and the various types of foundations and experimental projects engineers have built so far, including steel rods into bedrock. floating slabs, tie downs. (comments welcome here or at the source.)

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