Supes hit pause on India Basin megaproject amid air quality concerns

By Hannah Norman : bizjournals – excerpt

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has delayed its hearings for the $1 billion India Basin project after new environmental recommendations raised health concerns about air quality for potential residents….

However, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District presented mid-meeting new recommendations, including additional measures like the potential use of more environmentally friendly construction engines and hybrid delivery trucks.

The surprise recommendations made Board President Malia Cohen hit the pause button, saying it was unfair the board had not been notified of updates prior to the hearing, the Chronicle reports.

“This is a really big problem, because we’re talking about a community that has been raked over the coals for generations. And to be treated like this again … it’s disrespectful,” Cohen said in the meeting, per the Chronicle.

The board’s next meeting is on Oct. 16, when the hearing will resume… (more)

Probably good to do a little more testing and less at this time of massive building on questionable soil. Should we expect the foundations to sink, float, or rise? And what toixns may we expect to find in the soil?

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