Experts say California needs to build a lot more housing. But the public disagrees

By Liam Dillon : latimes – excerpt

Academic researchers, state analysts and California’s gubernatorial candidates agree that the fundamental issue underlying the state’s housing crisis is that there are not enough homes for everyone who wants to live here.

The problem, a new poll says, is that the public doesn’t believe it.

Carolyn Coleman, executive director of the League of California Cities, said she wasn’t surprised by the results.

“This affirms what has been true for many years,” Coleman said. “Residents put most of their trust and faith in local leaders to address these issues.”

She said state officials should consider mayors and city councils as essential partners in fixing California’s housing problems instead of trying to take power away from them… (more)

Lack of Rent Control and too little funding are the top reasons citizens blame for the high cost of housing. 69% of California voters polled believe their local government should retain authority over approving developments.

Politicians can’t accept a cheap easy solution to housing because everything they do has to generate jobs, profits, and taxes, not just housing. The cheaper the solution the less likely it is going to be supported by the politicians. but, the voters don’t see it that way. They see a lot of high-priced units they can’t afford on their wages.

People resist forced density, traffic, water shortages and other environmental changes being pushed at them at ever faster rates. Families need stability not constant change.

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