Six YIMBYs on a mission

By J.K. Dineen : sfchronicle – excerpt

YIMBY Action, the pioneering pro-housing group, has about 2,100 members and chapters in San Francisco city neighborhoods. Here are some of the neighborhood YIMBYs who advocate for more residential development in their areas.

Jane Natoli
Neighborhood: Inner Richmond
Occupation: Financial crimes investigator

Steven Buss
Neighborhood: The Mission
Occupation: Software engineer at Google
(Google is owned by Alphabet, that reputedly the largest corporate owners of housing in the Bay Area.)

Caroline Bas
Neighborhood: The Richmond
Occupation: Consultant at accounting and tax firm Deloitte

Giovanna Guevara
Neighborhood: Sunnyside
Occupation: Researcher at NASA’s Ames Research Center

Phillip Kobernick
Neighborhood: The Haight
Occupation: Alameda County transportation planner

David Tejeda
Neighborhood: Sunnyside
Occupation: Contractor

CarLA attorney is Ryan Patterson, described as Facebook’s real estate manager…. (more)




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