One killed and hundreds injured in French anti-Macron protests

By Kim Willsher : theguardian – excerpt

Death at ‘gilet jaunes’ demonstration caused by panicking driver as anti-fuel tax blockade grips country

One protester has died and more than a hundred were injured after a nationwide wave of peaceful protests aimed at French president Emmanuel Macron turned to tragedy.

Demonstrators from the gilets jaunes – yellow vests – movement had called for people to turn out and gridlock France’s road network to show their anger at increases in fuel taxes…

“We need reform, but not to the detriment of people’s pockets. We all bought diesel vehicles because we were told they were good, now they are punishing us because they say diesel is bad,” said Roger Ordonez, owner of a building company. “They are killing us off. We open our mouths they tax us, we shut them, they tax us. What is happening is totally unfair and we are totally fed up with this government.”… (more)

Looks like too much to soon is a global problem for all governments who are trying to push the strings when they do not have the support of the people who are seeing beyond the knee-jerk reactions. lies and downright miscalculations and mistakes of the authorities. A new level of confusion over policy and priorities is sending a wave of protests and dividing the already divided.

Just got this information from a reader: the French are required to carry those vests in their cars in case of an accident.

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