LA City Hall’s 1-2 Punch Against its Own Residents

By Dick Platkin : citywatchla – excerpt

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-You may think you live in a community or neighborhood, and you would not be wrong.

But, if you log on to typical real estate websites, such as Niche, it is hard to find information about local communities. At best, you learn about test scores at nearby schools and crime statistics. Unfortunately, this same mindset also applies to the adjuncts of the real estate industry, including most elected officials, corporate media, and real estate industry lobbyists, such as Chambers of Commerce and YIMBYs.

To better understand how their outlook shapes land use decisions in Los Angeles, I have prepared a guide to the 1-2 punch combination they have energetically supported.

Punch #1: Up-zoning and Up-planning...

Punch #2:  Accelerated reviews and approvals of discretionary actions… (more)

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