Wiener’s new housing bill is radically unfair

By Tim Redmond : 47hills – excerpt


Mission Bay residents are leaving due to bad air caused by constant construction as they  see no end in sight. Photo by zrants.

The senator assumes the private market will solve our problems. That has never worked.

State Sen. Scott Wiener has introduced a new version of his housing bill that went down in flames last year, and while the current version, SB 50, includes more protection for renters, is still has the same basic flaws.

The new measure is still based on the same assumption: that the private market can and will eventually solve the state’s housing crisis – and that the problem is almost entirely on the supply side… (more)

Here we go again. Wiener world is coming at us. Considering the shellacking his YIMBY minions took at the polls in San Francisco, it appears that the glow is off the grow rose, and Scott may be barking up the wrong tree as his constituents lose faith in his plans to densify an already over-populated 49 square miles of real estate.

With constant bad news MUNI in the headlines, and a bevy of City Hall leaders jumping ship, the leadership is shifting away from the developer-led options  and forced state oversight is losing appeal among the his constituents. More on this subject will be coming out of efforts to fix the broken system before expanding it. The market may also put a damper on his and other plans as the over-bloated government treasuries shrink. This may not be a good holiday season for the growth models stacking up in Sacramento offices.

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