A new housing ‘compact’ looks a lot like a developer’s dream

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Nonprofit leaders seeking consensus come up with a deal: Modest tenant protections in exchange for more market-rate housing and displacement.

With State Sen. Scott Wiener’s new housing bill now pending, a group convened by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission has released a draft plan to solve the region’s housing crisis – and some of its key conclusions are linked to Wiener’s vision.

The group is called CASA, and MTC calls it the Committee to House the Bay Area. It’s led by philanthropic, nonprofit, and private-sector people and some of its members are elected officials… (more)

We appreciate the attempt Tim has made to link Scott Wiener’s new housing bill, SB 50 with the CASA funding options being developed by MTC. There is a strong corellation that many are concerned about. There are a number of tapes of the Technical Committee’s public meetings where they tried to convince the “stakeholders” who are NOT developers, that it is a good idea to support programs that tax the residents for future growth that many do not want or appreciate.

Read the rest of the article and comment if you like, then, watch this tape of Zelda Bronstein’s explanation on how the CASA funding for affordable housing is going to be unrolled and how which vulnerable groups of citizens may be most effected by it.  Already we are seeing a stand-off between those concerned about education funds being shifted to housing. Stay tuned for more details and links as we get them… (more)


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