California wildfires accelerated climate change as much as a whole year of power use

By Zoë Schlangerqz – excerpt

California’s 2018 fire season, including the largest fire in state history, released nearly as much climate-warming and air-polluting emissions as a year’s worth of electricity use there.

The wildfires released 68 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2018, according to the US Geological Survey, or 15% of the state’s total emissions. For comparison, all electricity use in California in 2016 produced roughly 76 million tons in emissions.

Those figures were the highlights of a Nov. 30 statement from the Interior Department that blamed the wildfires largely on forest-management practices. The statement echoed a tweet from US president Donald Trump that there is “no reason” for the fires except “poor” forest management… (more)

Arguments over the cause and the damage will continue for some time. This is one of the stories. More reports will no doubt follow and the answers to best practices in forest management will no doubt last for some time. We shall have to continue to looks for facts as they are revealed.


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