Halting the epidemic of housing demolitions

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

New bill would protect existing affordable housing, which the city is losing almost as fast a new housing can be built.

Supervisors Aaron Peskin and Rafael Mandelman introduced legislation today that could save thousands of units of rent-controlled housing and stop the epidemic of demolition and conversion of affordable housing into massive luxury properties.

“This,” Fred Sherburn-Zimmer, director of the Housing Rights Committee, told me, “is a game changer.”

The bill would define any loss of residential housing as a “demolition,” and would more strictly codify the city’s rules limiting demolition of residential structures. It would bar landlords from combining two or three units into one and would halt so-called “serial permitting” of demolitions, in which a property owner gets a series of permits for small changes that in the end add up to the effective demolition of a housing unit.

Peskin said he introduced the bill in response to the city’s own reports showing that SF is losing affordable housing almost as fast as it can build it. “It’s shocking news,” he told a press conference outside of City Hall. “For every two new units we build, we lose one… (more)

GREAT MOVE! The only affordable housing is the existing affordable housing. Keep the affordable that you have.


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