Editorial: Good, bad in much-needed plan for Bay Area housing crisis

By Mercury News & East Bay Times Editorial Boards : mercurynews – excerpt

It’s great that the region is finally having this overdue discussion, but it’s critical that we get it right

A coalition of divergent Bay Area interests has come together on a plan to confront the region’s housing crisis…

The group’s so-called CASA Compact, unveiled last week and up for its first public review at the Metropolitan Transportation Commission on Wednesday, provides a serious foundation for a much-needed discussion. It hits the target on several fronts but misses the mark on others.

It recognizes, for example, that easing the crisis requires addressing rent gouging, reducing barriers to residential construction and changing zoning around transit stations to enable denser housing.

But it fails to examine how much responsibility employers, especially in the Silicon Valley, have to participate in solving the crisis. And while calling for more housing near job centers, the compact ignores the traffic-easing potential of providing more jobs near housing centers, especially in the suburban East Bay… (more)

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