California lawmaker Scott Wiener says he ‘Took to Heart’ Housing Bill Criticism

By Jill Cowan : nytimes – excerpt

I recently wrote about how California can feel like home to almost anyone. But even if it feels like home, it’s increasingly tough to afford living in the state.

Scott Wiener, a state senator from San Francisco, says he’s trying to fix that. He’s the legislator behind a divisive housing bill, S.B. 827, which died last year. The idea? Require cities to allow the construction of eight-story apartment buildings near transit stops, even if local governments object.

This year, he resurrected the proposal, now called S.B. 50, and with some changes. I asked Mr. Wiener about how it addresses some of the concerns with the earlier bill. (The interview has been edited and condensed.)

Jill Cowan: How does the new version address concerns about displacement?



New law could break the stalemate over housing on the site of a near-vacant Cupertino mall

By Liam Dillon : latimes – excerpt

For more than a decade, developers have tried to build new housing on the site of an all-but-empty mall in Cupertino, a city in the heart of Silicon Valley and home to Apple headquarters. A well-organized group of neighbors, upset about traffic, building heights and the potential loss of the community’s suburban lifestyle, turned away every plan.

Now, for the first time, the stalemate might be broken — thanks to a decision made in the state Capitol… (more)

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