Wiener Drives Forward Highway Safety Bill

By Nuala Sawyer : sfweekly – excerpt

A new Senate bill draws attention to state highways disguised as city streets — like Van Ness Avenue, pictured above — and examines how to make them safer for everyone… 

In San Francisco, several highways disguise themselves as neighborhood streets. Van Ness Avenue and the western half of Lombard Street make up a segment U.S. 101. Nineteenth Avenue is an extension of Highway 1, and Sloat Boulevard is part of State Highway 35. Although they are all within San Francisco city limits, these streets are managed by the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans), and as evidenced by the numerous serious and fatal collisions that occur among them each year, are very clearly made for cars, not people.

But Wiener plans to change that. Senate Bill 127, which he’s introducing this week, would require CalTrans to make safety improvements to these arteries and create “complete streets” that cater to pedestrians and cyclists, not just vehicles…

Currently, CalTrans has to apply for a special waiver in order to add pedestrian or cyclist infrastructure to any stretch of highway it’s working on. Going forward, that infrastructure would be a requirement, and the waiver would only be used to request that the agency not include it… (more)

In Wiener World their are no highways, only bike lanes. I would like to see how the bikes are going to replace all those horrible trucks that supply us with our daily produce, and other necessities. I suppose the idea is that we should have robot trucks roaming around the streets and they will somehow be smart enough to avoid hitting the bikes and slow moving humans. This bill should go the way of SB 287. Now that Wiener has his own Housing Committee, he should let go of the Transportation Committee he left behind. But, let him know what you think about his plans. Senator Scott Wiener

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