Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District Pursues Success through Partnerships

by : potreroview – excerpt

Improvements to the 22nd Street Caltrain station are on schedule, with work to remove the asphalt walkway and replace it with a larger concrete plaza – along with additional plantings and lighting – on the facility’s southbound platform starting this month. Covered scooter and motorcycle parking opened at Iowa and 22nd streets earlier this year. A bikeshare that’d been installed on the east side of Iowa Street, south of 22nd Street, has been moved closer to the station to improve its visibility…

The project was catalyzed by the Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill Green Benefit District (GBD), in collaboration with the San Francisco Department of Public Works (DPW), San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority (SFMTA), and Caltrain. According to Julie Christensen, GBD executive director, the effort has required more than two years of planning, along with local and state approvals…

Community Challenge Grants (CCG) is a municipal funding program that supports citizen-led improvement efforts. It’s a division of the City Administrator’s Office that receives funding through voluntary business tax elections. The Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill GBD was awarded two CCGs in 2017: $40,750 for the Progress Park Fitness Center; $37,500 for the Benches Park Renovation. It’ll likely apply for 2019 CCG funds this spring…

The Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill GBD is the country’s first such entity, chartered by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 2015. Christensen said it operates under contract with the City, overseen by the Department of Public Works, which monitors its practices and finances. The GBD has a goal of improving parks, increasing green space, and making public realm improvements in residential areas of Dogpatch and Northwest Potrero Hill. The GBD covers about 200 acres, or 70 blocks, mostly in Dogpatch…

A Green Benefit District funds its activities through an annual property assessment, which can vary by land use type. The assessment base for the Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill GBD is 1,403 properties, with 1,150 property owners. Assessment fees are determined by the parcel’s primary use and square footage. According to the Dogpatch/Northwest Potrero Hill GBD’s FY 2017 annual report, a commercial, industrial, or residential parcel is charged the assessment rate multiplied by the building square footage. A parking or vacant lot and open space area is assessed the lot square footage multiplied by the rate. For a commercial, residential, parking or vacant lot the rate is $0.0951 per square foot; for an industrial area, $0.0475; for a park or greenspace, $0.0238; and for an inaccessible area, 0. A 10,000 square foot commercial building would pay an annual assessment of $951; 10,000 multiplied by 0.0951…

Christensen said the average assessment for a residence is about $100 a year. The lowest is roughly $23 annually. Large commercial properties pay a significant portion of the District’s total revenues… (more)




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