Proposed redesign includes permanent street closure, dog park, pavilion, and UN Plaza fountain makeover.

By Brock Keeling : curbed – excerpt

Billed as an “elegant oasis that honors Civic Center’s Beaux-Arts setting,” the city’s Planning Department has revealed a sweeping proposal for Civic Center that includes a permanent block closure, lawns to support temporary/seasonal striping for youth soccer, and a complete overhaul of a polarizing fountain in United Nations Plaza.

Like many San Francisco public spaces, Civic Center is beset with socioeconomic woes, at-risk residents, and vehicular traffic. But unlike other distressed places in the city, this one sits directly in front of City Hall and two blocks away from Market Street, San Francisco’s main artery. Which is why, in part, the city wants to do something—anything—to spruce up the troubled area.

CMG Landscape Architecture will lead a supergroup of design firms including Gehl Studio, HR&A, Interethnica, Kennerly Architecture, Lotus Water, and more, to help change Civic Center into a welcoming area for all. Three public spaces will be reimagined: Civic Center Plaza, United Nations Plaza, and the block of Fulton Street that connects them…(more)

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