Embrace community-based solutions to homelessness

Opinion letter:mercurynews – excerpt

Navigation Centers are being built around the Bay Area to mitigate surging homelessness. Fremont is reviewing potential sites for a center modeled after Berkeley’s, which I believe has a greater than 75 percent success rate in transitioning clients to housing.

The Niles district is one candidate site… (more)

Keep people housed to combat the homeless problem.

The government has created a business based on moving people around. It all started with parking. Once they convinced people that parking isn’t free, they figured out how to manipulate the transportation system by moving them around on the streets in unfamiliar, often disconcerting ways. remove both parkng and bus stops, and voila! A new transportation corporate control system was born, and the public pays for it.

Now they are doing the same thing with housing. Bump the real estate values up and allow for economic evictions to create a homeless class and then create a new government-based housing solution that gets charged to the public to solve.

When does the public wise up to this gentrification/inflationary spiral we are on? When does the public tell the government to use the tax base it has to solve the problems it created by removing parking and now cheap affordable rents?

The community-based solution if to stop the spiral now by keeping people housed in the cheapest housing they will ever have. Moving people in and out of their homes creates massive social problems while enriching corporations, investors, developers, contractors. The government is taking on a bigger role in our lives to mitigate the damage being done by their policies. First they wanted jobs, jobs, jobs. Now they want housing, housing, housing, housing and taxes, taxes, taxes to pay for it.

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