How California’s big plans to address housing affordability crashed

By Liam Dillon : lattimes – excerpt

Just over two weeks ago, California lawmakers were planning to advance some of the most aggressive policies in the nation to combat rising housing costs. They were pushing to open up most neighborhoods zoned only for single-family homes to apartment construction and to prevent millions of renters from facing double-digit rent increases each year.…

In a series of dramatic committee hearings and last-minute decisions in Sacramento, three major housing bills were blocked or whittled to a husk. Their demise came at the hands of engaged homeowner activists from predominantly suburban communities, real estate lobbies and after a lack of intervention from Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leadership to keep the bills alive…(more)

Let’s face it, it is hard to put lipstick on a pig. When esteemed national publications label California a disaster zone, the voters self-congratulatory PR spin rings hollow. When voters realize we are getting screwed, Politicians have to pull back their horns. They will need some new stories to convince us to continue to trust them to fix the mess they made.

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