A series of articles on Gut and Amend and Bait and Switch

We first noticed the problem when Wiener replaced the contents of SB592 to beat the deadline date for introducing legislation. Now he has pulled the same tactic on Senate Bill 268 that dealt with welfare benefits. He is using this bill to overturn a ballot transparency bill to hide the spending plans on tax and bond measures.

Read all about these tactics that are being widely opposed and will be used against him the next time he runs for office. The senator is extremely unpopular in his original district already due to his actions against the constituents he supposedly represents.

Here are some articles that cover the tactics:

City Council Condemns Sen. Wiener’s ‘Gut and Amend’ of SB592


2 days ago – “In Sacramento, it’s called ‘gut and amend‘ but in reality it is just another term for a bait- and-switch,” said Mayor John Mirisch. “We oppose this …

Editorial, Bait and Switch, Scam, Constitutional rights, Assemblyman …


Mar 29, 2018 – Many California politicians are doing the old “bait and switch” technique now with introduced legislation, but it’s called, “Gut and Amend.

When Time Runs Short in Sacramento, Proposed Laws Appear in a …


Sep 11, 2015 – “Gut-and-amend bills are tantamount to ‘bait-and-switch schemes,” said Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause, …

California Common Cause Discourages “Gut-and-Amends” in the …


California Common Cause strongly opposes the practice of “gut-and-amend,” … Gut-and-amend bills are tantamount to “bait-and-switch” schemes,” said Kathay …

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